Raleigh SCORE Leaps into the Future

Over the last 40 years or so, clients who called for a mentoring appointment at one of our seven locations were scheduled by a desk counselor, using a series of worksheets-one or more sheets for each location. The worksheets were error prone because they depended on the legibility and accuracy of the desk counselors manual postings. We may be great business minds, but not very good clerks. A few years ago, we supplemented what we were doing by maintaining an Excel spreadsheet that mirrored the  worksheets, with the intent of someday eliminating these hard copy worksheets. For whatever reason, we never were able to eliminate the worksheets entirely.

Through the efforts of our capable IT team, lead by Lamar Bishop, we have recently introduced a completely client controlled appointment scheduling system called SCORE-Cast. It now allows clients to go to our website, http://raleigh.score.org and make there own mentoring appointment, at a time and location that is convenient for them. We still have desk counselors on duty from 9AM to 12 PM , Monday through Friday to answer any questions clients may have.

The system generally works as follows: Prospective clients go to our website, click on the green box with the words “Request a Meeting”. The client is taken to a sign-in screen and asked to register. Once registered,  they select a location. At the location, they are shown open appointment dates and times. Once they select the date and time, a confirmation email is sent out. In that email, they will be asked to confirm the appointment. That’s an important step, because assigned counselors looking at their appointments will check to see if each appointment has been confirmed.

We’ve been using the new system with great success for about a month. It’s eliminated the clerical effort of maintaining our desk worksheets, while giving the prospective client more visibility into their appointment options. As a side benefit, mentors and clients can actually schedule appointments from anywhere, using their smart phones. The only downside for prospective clients is that they require an email address to use the new system.

If you have questions about the new system, feel free to call our Raleigh office at 919-856-4739.

Happy Holidays to all our supporters