An Objective Review of Our On-Line Marketing Workshops and Webinars

In an attempt to assure our website is providing useful, relevant information to the small business community, one of counselors, Patricia Mckay objectively evaluated the on-line Marketing workshops and webinars offered  on our website, Pat has extensive background in the marketing field, so she was a great resource to perform the review. We thought a local review would be helpful, since this workshop content is not generated locally, but provided by the SCORE National office in Virginia.

She found eleven outstanding workshops and webinars worthy of your consideration.

Under the general topic of Marketing Basics,

-Promoting Your Business (webinar)

Under Marketing Ideas

-Marketing for Less: 10 Tactics to Get the Growth You Want from Resources You Have (webinar)

Under Finding Customers,

How to Generate Great Word of Mouth (workshop)

-10 Simple Steps to Finding Customers and Delivering the Goods (workshop)

Under On-Line Marketing

-How the Web Changes Marketing (webinar)

Under Pricing Strategy,

-Loss leader Pricing Strategy (workshop)

-60 Second Guides: Developing a Pricing Strategy (workshop)

-Pricing Products and Services (webinar)

Under Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

-Expert Tips on Search Engine Marketing (workshop)

-9 Ways to Boost Your Local Search Results (workshop)

-When Social Goes Local: Tapping the power of Social Media to Promote Your Business Locally (webinar)         

In the months ahead, we’ll try to do similar reviews of other on-line workshop categories.

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