The Secret To Getting Better Customers

A key to success in business is attracting the right customers for your business.

“The Secret To Getting Better Customers” is a roadmap for choosing, attracting and cultivating those right customers. In this session we’ll give you practical tips and tools:


  • Why More Is Not Necessarily Better
  • Who Is Your Better Customer?
  • How to Make Current Customers Better (Upsell, Cross-sell, Resell)
  • How to “Fire” (nicely) Your Deadbeat Customers
  • How to Get New Better Customers

The result? Even making a few changes can help you shift from the “squeaky wheels” that are slowing you down and help you focus on the customers who will fuel the growth you desire.

All presentation attendees will receive a free copy of the new eBook “The Secret of Getting Better Customers” as well as templates so you can start getting butter customers.

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