Understanding The Affordable Care Act And The Impact It Will Have On Your Business

Understanding The Affordable Care Act And The Impact It Will Have On Your BusinessGet up to date information on the Affordable Care Act and the affects it will have on your business. Discover the background and the timeline of the Affordable Care Act and provides information on recent changes to the law that will impact small business owners and their employees.

Take this 1-hour webinar to learn:

  • How the ACA defines a large business and a small business.Affordable Care Act.
  • About the employer mandate and how it will affect employers.
  • What is considered a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee.
  • How the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision (ESRP) will affect businesses.
  • About the small business tax credit.
  • About the Small Business Health Insurance Options Program (SHOP).
  • How the employer mandate will affect employees.

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About the Presenter: Chuck Lovelace
Chuck Lovelace is responsible for Liberty Tax Service’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) efforts, which includes managing a team of ACA professionals, implementing new initiatives at the corporate level and throughout franchise operations, and communicating the company’s services to the public. Lovelace is a member Council for Electronic Revenue Communication Advancement (CERCA) and a member of the healthcare working group. CERCA provides a forum for the IRS, industry leaders and stakeholders who work together to address IRS challenges and improve service to taxpayers.

Lovelace was formerly a vice president for franchise development for the Liberty Tax. With Liberty CEO John T. Hewitt, Lovelace co-founded Run for Food International, a Virginia Beach-based charity that is working to eradicate hunger around the world. Lovelace came to Liberty Tax after spending more than 20 years in the non-profit sector, primarily with Junior Achievement, and working in higher education public relations.