Social Media Secrets: Transforming Followers into Customers

Social Media Secrets: Transforming Followers Into CustomersDo you know how to transform your social media followers into buying customers? Join the executives of LYFE Marketing and learn their secret strategies to generating more followers, leads, and sales for businesses using social media marketing.

To convert revenue-generating traffic from social media, you must first develop a social media plan. You will learn how an appealing design, content, engagement, and follower growth attribute to a strong social media presence.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll learn how to actually convert social media traffic into real leads. LYFE Marketing will share their secret strategy along with real case studies demonstrating how they’ve used social media to generate tons of leads for businesses.

But what do you do with leads and how do you transform leads into sales? Attendees will learn how to nurture and follow-up with leads up until the point they actually buy from you.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • How to grow your social media presence
  • How to convert social media traffic into leads
  • How to convert social media leads into customers

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About the Presenters: Sean Standberry, Keran Smith and Sherman Standberry

Sean Standberry is an experienced digital marketing executive, team leader, and business strategist. As CEO of LYFE Marketing, he is dedicated to helping small to medium sized businesses grow using online marketing. Under LYFE Marketing, he has helped over 100 businesses with social media marketing in the past 3 years.

As chief strategy officer of LYFE Marketing, Keran Smith is known for creating and implementing the best strategies for small to mid-sized businesses. He has implemented strategies for product brands on the shelves of Walmart and led the Georgia state superintendent’s social media campaign in his bid for Governor in 2014. Keran enjoys reading business success stories and helping underperforming businesses grow.

Sherman Standberry is the COO at LYFE Marketing. Outside of managing operating activities, Sherman spends most of his time analyzing the results of social media campaigns, testing new strategies and methodologies, and preparing educational content for small businesses to learn social media marketing. He led the implementation of a self-paced social media training course that has trained over 100 business owners.