Tax Secrets to Keep More of What You Earn!

Tax Secrets to Keep More of What You EarnIf you’re like most small business owners, you overpay thousands of dollars every year – money you could be using to grow your business – in taxes. Attend this entertaining, fast-paced webinar replay to learn the last minute secrets to rescue thousands in savings and take advantage of every available break!

National tax planning expert, Dominique Molina, will share with you the best last minute secrets to save you from overpaying your taxes and add cash straight to your bottom line by practicing the very best in financial defense.

You will receive exclusive templates and resources to help you reduce your tax bill and learn how to:

– Save more earnings without breaking the rules
– Protect against future tax hikes with strategic planning
– Avoid the single most expensive tax mistake of all
– Protect your business from rising medical costs
– Strategically save for retirement

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About The Presenter:
Dominique Molina, Certified Tax CoachTax expert Dominique Molina, CPA is a nationally sought-after speaker, author, & premier tax strategist. Through her organization Certified Tax Coach, she trains tax professionals across the country how to help their clients save thousands of dollars per year on their taxes. She has scoured the tax code to bring you thousands of legal tax loopholes put together in innovative tax plans designed to drastically slash your tax bill and position you to pay the lowest amount of tax possible. This strategic tax planning will save you thousands in wasted tax dollars while helping you to achieve your dreams!

As the President of The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches, the leader in tax strategies and coaching, Dominique is sharing her expertise and helping business owners to stop wasting money on taxes they don’t have to pay! She is a 3-time bestselling author. Her latest book, “Tax Breaks of the Rich and Famous,” focuses on helping small business owners rescue thousands in wasted tax.