Selling Online: 10 Tips to Fill Holiday Shopping Carts

The customer’s shopping experience influences when they purchase and how much they spend, both in person and online. Make sure your website provides holiday shoppers with elements that improve their online shopping experience.
Selling Online: 10 Tips to Fill Holiday Shopping CartsJoin Go Daddy Web Expert, Shawn Pfunder, as he discusses key strategies for online sales success during the holidays and every day.

Tips covered:

– Payment and security considerations
– Quality content, images, and videos
– Leveraging reviews and social media
– Pricing and promotion options

We’ve created a guide to provide the resources mentioned in this workshop. Get the answers to the top questions about selling online.

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About the Presenter: Shawn Pfunder, Go Daddy Web ExpertShawn’s been working in communications for more than 20 years. 15 years ago, he built his first website at a public library, despite the miserable Internet connection, he was hooked and has been helping others get online ever since. Shawn is passionate about teaching and is convinced that a good story is the best way to do it.

During the last 8 years at Go Daddy, he’s built dozens of professional websites, managed multiple writing teams, created training and education programs, and acted as an advocate for customer service throughout the company.