Ask The CPA: Tax Advice for Small Businesses

Ask The CPA: Tax Advice for Small BusinessesYou’ve got tax questions. We’ve got tax answers! With the fast-approaching April 15 deadline to pay federal taxes, please watch this timely SCORE webinar replay when we answered your questions regarding tax preparations for small businesses!

Micah Fraim and SCORE webinar producer Steve Jarriel fielded questions submitted by audience members in this lively “internet talk radio” webinar. Micah is a certified public accountant who presented the widely-praised SCORE workshop, Year-End Tax Planning: 5 Clever Moves To Make Now To Reduce What You Owe in April. This webinar is a natural spinoff from that event which was widely-praised by audience members who complimented Micah’s insights and practical advice.

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About the Presenter:

Micah FraimMicah is a certified public accountant and author of the ebook, “The Big Little Small Business Book”. He specializes in small business and tax advisory services. By handling each client himself, Micah gives personal attention and consultation while keeping overhead at a minimum. Micah’s experience allows him to coach owners for success in every facet of their businesses.

About the Host:

Steve Jarriel serves as the webinar producer and host for SCORE Association. Prior to joining SCORE, Steve was a TV reporter & anchor, turned “netpreneur” with a specialty in online video marketing. As a consultant who has advised many small-business owners, Steve brings an entrepreneurial perspective during the discussions and exchanges in SCORE LIVE webinar series.