Building, Bootstrapping and Believing in Your Business Website

Building, Bootstrapping and Believing in Your Business Website

How well does your website serve your business objectives? If you can’t at least answer, “good,” then this webinar replay is for you.

Please join us as Danielle Tate, the founder of the website and author of Elegant Entrepreneur, shares insights and real-life examples of how to build a successful web-based business or pivot your current website to attract more customers.

Danielle focuses on these vital topics that will help you launch, rebuild or grow your online business:

  • Basic components which are necessary for all business websites
  • Ways to set up your website, so it speaks to the needs and interests of your visitors
  • How to deeply engage with your customer and convert your web traffic into more sales
  • Free or low-cost tools you can use to create or update your website

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About the Presenter:
Danielle Tate is the founder and CEO of, a multimillion dollar online name-change company. As a female founder in her twenties, she noticed that few business guides offered step-by-step advice to smart but inexperienced entrepreneurial woman. This void inspired Danielle to author Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company to help other women find their place and flourish within the entrepreneurial world. Danielle is an entrepreneur, wife, mother, Pilates devotee and name-change expert in her spare time

About the Host:
Steve Jarriel serves as the webinar producer and host for SCORE Association. Prior to joining SCORE, Steve was a TV reporter & anchor, turned “netpreneur” with a specialty in online video marketing. As a consultant who has advised many small-business owners, Steve brings an entrepreneurial perspective during the discussions and exchanges in SCORE LIVE webinar series.