Help Your Business Say “Hola” to the $1.5 Trillion Hispanic Economy

Help Your Business Say "Hola" to the $1.5 Trillion Hispanic EconomyAlready valued today at $1.5 trillion, the buying power of Hispanics and Latinos is projected to be the fastest growing economy in the United States during the next five years. Yet most small businesses fail to fully tap this opportunity.

In this webinar replay, SCORE mentor Edison Guzman showcases ways you can recast your marketing, so people of Hispanic origin know, like and trust your business. And in the process, they will become prized customers.

Guzman’s principles apply regardless of your target market. All cultures and people with different ethnic backgrounds have slightly different psychographics, yet they all respond to similar psychological triggers. The webinar focuses on Hispanics as a cultural niche and addresses the many ways a business owner can appeal to them.

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About the Presenter:
Edison Guzman is a SCORE volunteer and owner of A&E Advertising and Web Design. As Chair of the Orange NY SCORE, he advises clients on how to start and grow a business. Having been an entrepreneur since 1991, Edison understands the survival skills a business must possess in order to thrive in any economic condition.

Since 1997, he’s helped businesses harness the power of the Internet by offering advertising, web development, traditional marketing and internet marketing services. Edison has also created and delivered curriculum for the continuing education program in the Empire State Development Corps Entrepreneurial Assistance Program.

Edison is also an author and speaker. As an author, Edison has published books such as “Everything You Need to Know About SEO,” and “Start and Grow Your Business” as well as many articles for newspapers, magazines and blogs in order to help consumers and business owners prosper.

About the Host:
Steve Jarriel serves as the webinar producer and host for SCORE Association. Prior to joining SCORE, Steve was a TV reporter & anchor, turned “netpreneur” with a specialty in online video marketing. As a consultant who has advised many small-business owners, Steve brings an entrepreneurial perspective during the discussions and exchanges in SCORE LIVE webinar series.