Why Mobile Matters

Why Mobile MattersAlmost 70% of Americans own a smart phone. And 50% use a iPad, tablet or other mobile device. That’s a lot of prospective customers who are searching for the products and services offered by your business.

This workshop conveys what you need to know about mobile search and why mobile marketing is so important to small and medium sized businesses.

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About the Presenter:
Faith Murphy leads the SMB Partner Development and Gemini Sales and Support teams at Yahoo. She currently is leading a team of industry experts who work closely with premium partners who sell Yahoo Gemini and advertiser products to small-medium businesses across the Americas. She also is the operational sales leader for the Gemini Self Serve platform, providing sales and support for the Small-Medium business advertisers focusing on Search and Native advertising. Faith has over 10 years’ experience in search engine marketing, with a background in operations, optimization strategies and analytics. She’s also a previous small business owner herself.

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Dex Media is dedicated to working with local businesses to provide them marketing solutions that will help them grow their business and be successful. There was a time when all that was needed to promote a business was an ad in the local newspaper. However, times have changed. Today’s local businesses often find themselves in direct competition with national chains or subjected to the pricing whims of local on-demand companies. Dex Media helps level the playing field and give these businesses the edge to compete in today’s digital marketplace. We’re here to give them the solutions they need to connect with customers, wherever they may be.