7 Steps to Starting a Business

In this informative online webinar replay, you’ll discover the steps to start your own business. Real-world and practical, these tips are the key to the success of any new startup venture:

Self-evaluation: Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?
Business Evaluation: How viable is your idea?
Legalities and Formalities: The nuts-and-bolts are critical
The Business Plan: It’s your roadmap for a successful journey
Get Funded: There are a lot more options than you may know about
Set Up Shop: This is the fun stuff!
Trial and Error: Learning from your mistakes, and successes, is important

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About the Presenter:
Steve Strauss, USA TODAY columnist, author of The Small Business Bible and Small Business Connection editor-in-chief, is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurship and small business experts. He has been seen on CNN, CNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, and his column, Ask an Expert, appears weekly on USATODAY.com.