Making Smart, Ethical Business Decisions

We often read of businesses that fail due to bad decisions, sometimes related to unethical choices. Even the most ethical business owner can make what seems to be a small mistake, but it ends up destroying a company.

During this online webinar replay Ed Perry will explain causes of bad decision-making and arm you with a simple-to-use framework to help you make smart decisions.

You will learn:

  • Why staying within the law is not enough to ensure your company’s success.
  • How entrepreneurial business leadership drives decision-making practices, that left unchecked can create problems.
  • How to change your decision-making to serve you and your business better.
  • How to teach your employees to make the right decisions on your behalf.

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About The Presenter:
Ed Perry is a partner in Business Remodeling Services, LLC (BRS), a consulting firm led by successful CxOs that fosters successful business growth through the right people, processes, and systems. He has been founding president and CEO of several companies that have grown to valuations of $100M to $1B. Ed teaches Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the Acton School of Business.