Create A Winning Customer Experience

Customer experience isn’t confined to what happens in your store. Every interaction customers have with your business can impact the way they feel about you. So how can you make every interaction meaningful?

During this SCORE online webinar replay, Nina Hoy, Senior Content Strategist at Deluxe, will show you:

  • What customer experience really is
  • Why customer experience is important for your business
  • What is journey mapping, and how it can help you create a cohesive, positive customer experience

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About the Presenter:
Nina Hoy is a senior content strategist at Deluxe, where she spends her day collaborating with teams across the organization to create better, more cohesive content experiences for customers.

In Partnership with:
For more than 100 years, Deluxe Corporation has sought to create the tools that help shape our economy. Since 1915, Deluxe has recognized the vital role that small business plays in our communities, from job creation to business development. For these reasons, the Deluxe Corporation Foundation provides financial support to nonprofits that help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed. Our grants to SCORE have totaled more than $1.5M in recent years, with the majority of these funds supporting the creation and updates of online training and certification for SCORE mentors.